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Banks are big, and banks are everywhere. They service individuals, they server farmers, they serve small towns, and they service business in this big cities. In order to provide consistency of service they need to training and move staff around… so JUST when you get a good, solid, helpful teller, account rep, or branch manager… they get MOVED!

Staff Training processes

New staff (who start at a low wage) get trained, get more proficient, and then get promoted (thank goodness, for them!), or moved to another branch–and even in another city or town– where their new skillset is required (but they don;t have enough volume to properly train that skillset), and so you never seem to get the same teller twice!

Branches are also moving to replace human teller staff with ATMs, to further lower their labour costs, and reduce the number of physical branches….

Managers are Moved

Because of banking frauds, where bank managers have issued fictional loans to clients (but actually themselves), banks now religiously rotate managers to different branches every 6 months. So, just as they become familiar with your business and your banking needs… they get moved somewhere else! And every few years another fraud exposes another banking weakness, and the banks panic and move managers around even more often.

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